This name stands for a range of timing belts that will not only benefit the customers who use them but also do their bit to help preserve the planet in general. With the BRECOgreen and BRECOFLEXgreen ranges of timing belts, we are the first belt manufacturer to take a step beyond merely creating another ordinary product. We have used the word "green" in the names of these products to highlight the optimised use of materials, with renewable materials making up 37%.

At BRECO, it is particularly important to us that these materials are not taken from the human food chain. Since the load-bearing capacity and service life of BRECOgreen/BRECOFLEXgreen belts match those of belts manufactured from oil-based thermoplastic polyurethane, we can absolutely guarantee their full operational reliability.

Long-term market studies have shown that even small steps in the right direction are important. They encourage others to follow suit and help to develop new materials and techniques that can be transferred to other areas. We continue to invest all our energy in innovative technology so that we can help to preserve and improve the environment, climate and living conditions.

BRECOgreen / BRECOFLEXgreen-timing belt Deliverable lengthsn
All product types from our green range can be delivered (except BRECOprotect®/BRECObasic®) Depends on type