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BRECO – That which is rarely seen ...

Simply that which is rarely seen. The timing belts of the BRECO range. In most of the machines containing our timing belts, the belts are invisible once the machine is completely installed.

This has inspired us to publish our new ad campaign "That which is rarely seen" in specialised media. Our mainstay products - be they particularly powerful, sustainable or suitable for food production - all provide amazing performance.


The new BRECOprotect product range offers timing belts with steel tension members completely enclosed in polyurethane to protect them against corrosion. The choice of material for the timing belts complies with FDA regulations and the blue colour is consistent with current requirements in the food processing industry.

The polyurethane used meets the compliance criteria of the FDA Code of Federal Regulations, Sec. 177.1680, the European Framework Regulation (EC) 1935-2004, Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011 and the European Commission Directives 90/128/CEE and 96/11/CE.

Application area

BRECOprotect timing belts are designed specifically to meet the stringent requirements for materials in contact with foodstuffs and the necessary cleaning processes involved. The design of these timing belts without a winding nose prevents the build-up of concealed and difficult-to-remove deposits and facilitates the cleaning process. The blue colour of the BRECOprotect product range follows the general market trend toward a special food industry colour scheme.

BRECOprotect timing belts are also suitable for use in humid environments, where there are severe limitations on the use of conventional timing belts on account of hydrolisis effects.


The BRECOFLEXmove is a timing belt specifically designed for heavy-duty drives and traction drives requiring a high degree of rigidity. Thanks to a newly developed steel cord tension member providing increased belt rigidity and characterised by its high tear resistance, transmission of stronger forces is possible. We have optimised the tooth flank geometry using the Finite Element Method (FEM). The result is an optimised surface pressure distribution and reduced frictional force between the timing belt and pulley, minimising wear. In addition, a friction-optimised laminate coating has been applied to the tooth side.

This alternative - replacing an endless standard timing belt with a narrower BRECOFLEXmove timing belt - makes it possible to construct more compact drives.


  • a newly developed tension member for transmitting stronger forces
  • an FEM-optimised tooth flank geometry
  • friction minimisation through laminate coating
  • space-saving thanks to the option of narrower belt widths


Climate and environmental protection and a conscientious use of natural resources are global issues that affect all areas of our lives. Now, BRECO emphasises its innovative strength not only in the production of high quality products, but also in the environment-friendly management of the raw materials used. Decreasing availability of natural resources, increasing CO2 emissions and an increased strain on energy supply have prompted us to optimise our use of materials. We now focus on renewable resources, recycling and optimisation of our consumption as well as the modernisation of our production facilities. Energy-saving production facilities lower our energy consumption, show appreciation for our collective natural resources and reduce costs - both ours and yours.

As the most innovative supplier in the field of polyurethane timing belt technology, we now offer all companies, particularly those who have firmly embraced sustainability as part of their policy, timing belts made of polyurethane produced from renewable raw materials. Even with a renewable raw material content of 37%, this material is equal in strength and resilience to that of a comparable, petrol-based thermoplastic polyurethane.

In 2011 BRECO was awarded the distinction ÖKOPROFIT-Betrieb (ECOPROFIT organisation) of Minden-Lübbecke.


BRECO's "BRECObasic®" brand is a low-cost alternative for simple applications requiring relatively few of the outstanding features of the standard version BRECO® timing belts. This product range is aimed at applications which do not require special product properties, such as limited tolerances, particularly high resistance and options for further processing of the timing belts themselves.

BRECObasic® timing belts are exclusively produced as an open length product and may be welded to form endless belts on request.

Like all BRECO products, BRECObasic® stands for quality and functional reliability.

Comparison of supply options BRECObasic® (M/V)(AT10 BAS, T10 BAS) BRECO® (M/V) (AT10, T10)

Special materials (polyurethane)



Special materials (tension member)



Special widths



Reduced longitudinal/
lateral tolerance



Mechanical belt processing



Coating materials

restrictions to the choice of coatings due to the particular production process

no restrictions

Standard colour



Colouring options



Individual labelling