3D printing at BRECO - December 2020


Serial 3D printing of profiles directly onto the timing belt

At the start of the new year, BRECO will launch serial 3D printing of profiles onto timing belts. BRECO has an industrial 3D printer for plastic. This printer specially developed for BRECO can print profiles consisting of thermoplastic polyurethane directly onto a timing belt. The options are practically endless. Feasibility also depends on the number of products to be delivered. This process is primarily suitable for prototypes and small batches. If you have any questions, please contact our distribution partner.

You'll find your responsable partner under the menue "Distribution".

Timing belts [our one true love!] - December 2020


BRECO’s new product and image brochure

In October of 2019, BRECO started its new advertising campaign with the motto “Timing belts - our one true love”. We are using six different images to advertise our versatile range of timing belts in the trade journals “Antriebstechnik” and “Konstruktionspraxis”. The images show the timing belt types BRECOmove, BRECOprotect, BRECObasic, BRECOgreen and our new product range, BRECOclassic. Which timing belt is suitable for which application? What are the differences between various timing belt types? Our new product and image brochure aims to provide some answers to many possible questions our customers may have.

The eight-page brochure summarises plenty of information.

You'll find the brochure in our download area or directly here.

The “move” family is growing - April 2020



After the successful launch of the
AT10move and the AT15move, BRECO has further expanded its product range with a new heavy-duty timing belt.

The BRECOFLEXmove timing belt AT8, an endless coiled polyurethane timing belt with an 8 mm pitch, excellent tooth durability and high stiffness will be available. These characteristics make it particularly suitable for applications requiring a low polygon effect, excellent dynamic properties and precision. The high tooth durability on the other hand is achieved through optimising the flank geometry based on the tried-and-proven AT profile. The tooth flanks are coated with red laminate to decrease friction and wear. The highly rigid tension member guarantees a low degree of strand lengthening under load and permits a high number of engaging teeth in drive design.

For now, the belt is available as a BRECOFLEX version with a maximum sleeve width of 100 mm and a length range between 1,408 mm and 13,000 mm. The standard widths are 16 mm, 25 mm, 32 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm and 100 mm.

NEW product line at BRECO - March 2020


The BRECOclassic® Timing belts

The market for polyurethane timing belts is constantly in motion. With the
BRECOclassic® range of products we offer an extensive assortment of economically priced alternatives to our standard product range. The BRECOclassic® product range is comprised of many models of the T-, AT-, and the T1/2 inch pitch (imperial) series available as both joined products and open length goods. HTD models are also available. All these products have one thing in common. They are made of a cost-efficient white polyurethane with a Shore hardness of 92 A (TPUCLA) and they feature tension members, whose design is optimally adapted to the BRECOclassic®. Technically speaking, the BRECOclassic® can be categorised above the BRECObasic® at about the same level as the standard products.

It´s easier on wheels -Sliding friction vs. rolling friction - February 2020


The new roller belt BRECOroll

Friction as a tribological loss value is unwanted in most technical processes. It leads to a temperature increase and wear and wastes drive power. To minimize this friction when using polyurethane timing belts in material transport systems, BRECO has developed a new product.

BRECOroll is a new development featuring rollers integrated in the teeth of the belt. BRECO has designed this product for applications in material conveying systems. Timing belts used to transport materials are usually very long.

The load run of the belt is almost always supported by a support rail, which guides the belt on its sides and absorbs the weight of the workpieces on the belt and of the belt itself. This generates friction between the belt and the support rail.

Frequently, a significant percentage of the drive power is used to overcome this self-inhibiting behaviour of the system. During this process, the drive is subject to major forces, generates heat and runs at a low degree of efficiency. The increase in the belt temperature lowers its stability – in particular, that of the welded point of the V connection – and reduces the service life of the belt.

Rollers in the belt teeth replace the sliding friction with rolling friction, which is significantly lower. A significant reduction of the drive power is possible and the system’s self-heating behaviour decreases considerably.

The space required for the axis and roller can only be provided by a large belt tooth with a pitch of 20 mm. The T profile is better suited to this application than the AT profile, because the tooth crown of the AT belt makes contact in the pulley while running around it.

The BRECOroll is only available in the T20 division and only in 100 mm width. Please contact our sales partners for more information.

New item in our product range -transport with vacuum - October 2019


The BRECOvacuum

products such as films, paper, glass panes or thin metal sheets to a timing belt by means of a vacuum to transport them. The timing belts and associated components used for this purpose are almost always special developments designed and implemented by our application engineers together with the final customer’s design engineers. Every customer gets their own system, consisting of a timing belt, pulleys and vacuum or sliding rails.

Our new product, BRECOvacuum, provides an alternative. BRECO has developed a system of timing belts and pulleys which combines the drive tracks, i.e. the tooth systems, the vacuum channels and the required sealing bars. A coordinated component system is available.

The geometric configurations of the individual pulley components are precisely adapted to the vacuum area on the timing belt. This prevents, for instance, wear caused by faulty tolerance adaptation of the two elements to each other, thereby increasing the system’s service life. Recommendations for the geometric design and ideal tolerance ranges of the “vacuum rail” are available.
As almost the complete BRECOvacuum is created in an extrusion process, its cost is lower than that of a belt produced in a step-by-step process.

The system is currently being introduced in the AT10 version with two widths, 50 mm and 75 mm.

For further information, please contact our distribution partner.

(The picture above shows a specific design with grey backing and elongated, diagonal vacuun pockets.)

The new BRECO online catalog - Always up to date - September 2019


Print catalogs - Good bye

BRECO is one of the most innovative manufacturers in the field of polyurethane timing belt technology. We always develop customized timing belt solutions for a wide variety of applications for our customers. The basis for this is our extensive product range. Printed product catalogs can not be up to date after just a few months and quickly turn into waste paper. Digital catalogs have become a standard medium for providing product information on the Internet and thus contribute to a sustainable use of our natural resources.

The online catalog will be expanded in the coming weeks and months. Just have a look. Maybe there will be something new to discover again.

Looking for an apprenticeship? - Start your future at BRECO. - November 2018


Find your great love for timing belts

To read the content of this article, please change to German language.



... that you hardly see.

Ten years ago, BRECO launched two optimised products in 15 mm pitch,
BRECOFLEX and BRECO-ATS15. In comparison to the AT20, the ATS15 timing belts have a lower polygon effect due to the pitch, and a higher number of meshing teeth with an almost 30% increased tooth shear strength. So the market has these two products, the only thing missing being absolute stiffness.

Now the BRECOFLEXmove® timing belt
AT15 and BRECOmove® timing belt
AT15 offer this missing property (BRECOmove® timing belt
AT15 is available from October 2018).

In addition to the familiar high tooth shear strength of the ATS15, the tension members used in the AT15move permit an approx. 40% higher belt stiffness with comparatively low minimum number of teeth, and smaller diameter with and without contraflexure. The AT15move timing belts are much stiffer than the ATS15, AT20 and ATL20 timing belts of the same width.

Please contact our distribution partner for more information.

50th anniversary at BRECO - November 2017


The start of a success story

On Thursday 16 November 2017, BRECO will celebrate the 50th anniversary of its founding. Rudolf Breher founded BRECO as a tool making and plastics processing company with a staff of five employees and a production area of about 100 square metres, laying the foundation stone for the success, which continues today. The tool making can be regarded as the nucleus of the company. The first products were injection moulding dies for plastic parts and steel flanges, extrusion coated with polypropylene for the chemical industry.

Rudolf Breher was an innovator with an entrepreneurial instinct, who tried out new ideas, found new solutions and knew how to successfully implement them in innovative manufacturing processes and products. In 1968, the manufacturing process for producing open length timing belts from polyurethane (thermoplastic) was developed and filed for patent. This was followed seven years later by the patent for the extrusion process for manufacturing endless BRECOFLEX® timing belts.

Success was underway

In 1968, BRECO joined Mulco, and in close cooperation with the individual member companies, BRECO® and BRECOFLEX® timing belts were successfully established as high-quality and versatile drive elements.

The company continued to grow due to shrewd investment in personnel and machines.

Now BRECO employs a staff of 270 on a production area of about 12,000 square metres.

Specialising in the development of individual drive solutions, BRECO established a leading position in the market for polyurethane timing belts from the beginning. We will continue to defend and strengthen our leading position.

[was scarcely seen] - April 2017


New ads since March 2017

Since March 2017, BRECO has been branding new ads in the media with the title"... .was scarcely seen".
Hidden behind this mysterious headline is the task of our toothed belts:
In the background, as well as invisible to the eye their services reliably to settle.

Whether it is the BRECOprotect, which is particularly suitable for the high requirements in contact with foodstuffs,
the BRECOmove, which can transmit higher forces without problems, the BRECOgreen, which is produced to 37% of renewable raw materials, or the BRECObasic, which is a cost-effective alternative for simple applications.

This is movement.

BRECOmove -the belt that doesn´t give up - October 2016


BRECOmove for linear technology applications

After the successful market launch of the endless timing belt BRECOFLEXmove AT10, BRECO supplement the "move" product range with an open length version.
The BRECOmove timing belt AT10 demonstrates its strengths, in addition to high power transmission, particular in linear technology applications. The very high stiffness of the belt is the basis for excellent dynamic behaviour with short settling times and high positioning accuracy. This makes BRECOmove an excellent alternative to comparable standard timing belts as the AT10, ATL10 and the AT20. The available belt widths are 25, 32, 50, 75 and 100 mm.

Extension of the product range -BRECOprotect® - January 2015


More types, more possibilities

The product line BRECOprotect® currently includes the timing belt types AT10, AT15 and T10 in open length (BRECOprotect® M) and joined versions (BRECOprotect® V). The belt widths 16 (only T10), 25, 32, 50, 75 and 100 mm are available. This range will be extended by adding the timing belt types AT5, AT20, T20 and the flat belt F3.

BRECO PinLock - December 2014


Precise. Secure. Easy to assemble.

BRECO® PinLock is the name of a timing belt lock that is quick and easy to install. The high-precision water jet cut finger-type contour allows simple joining of the belt ends on site and guarantees excellent flexibility and smooth running. The optimised finger contour ensures uniform distribution of the load throughout each cross section and thus a high load bearing capacity of the connection. Stainless steel slotted set screws are used as pins and can be screwed in using the supplied bit and a cordless screwdriver without any special devices.

Sometimes you need a partner ... - October 2014


...with more power. The new BRECOFLEXmove AT10.

With BRECOFLEXmove AT10, BRECO has created a new high-performance belt that offers a 30% higher transmittable peripheral force than the standard BRECOFLEX-AT belt. With the same boundary conditions it offers 30% higher reliability and can be reduced in width by 30% compared to the standard version, allowing a more compact design and offering additional cost benefits.

Extension of our product range -BRECObasic® - October 2014



"Simple, good, reliable." This will also apply to the BRECObasic® open length TK10K13 BAS as of October. With this addition to the range, BRECO is offering a conventional transport belt with V-groove guidance in the basic price segment. The TK10K13 BAS is available in the widths 32, 50 and 100 mm and as 50 or 100 m rolls. The coating materials offered in the BRECObasic® catalogue - T version, T-groove, PU yellow basic, Supergrip basic and PAZ coating - are also available for this type.

AT timing belts -Even better than before - January 2013


AT profiles with higher load bearing

Thanks to the consistent use of high-quality materials, excellent cooperation with our raw material suppliers and the continuous improvement of our manufacturing processes, numerous tests have proven that our BRECO® and
BRECOFLEX® timing belts with AT profiles are even better than specified in the catalogue.

Due to the successful improvements in product properties achieved over the past few years, BRECO can now permit a 20% higher specific tooth load bearing capacity for AT profiles used in high-speed drives compared to the previous catalogue values; this applies with immediate effect.

The respective values have been updated in the calculation program "belt pilot" the updated PDF versions of the printed catalogue can be downloaded from our Website.

BRECOgreen -Sustainable. Eco-friendly. Green. - October 2012


The green product version

Climate and environmental protection and a conscientious use of natural resources are global issues that affect all areas of our lives. Now, BRECO emphasizes its innovative strength not only in the area of manufacture of high quality products, but also in the area of environmentally responsible management of the raw materials used. Decreasing availability of natural resources, increasing CO2emissions and an increased strain on energy supply have prompted us to optimise our use of materials. We are relying on renewable resources, recycling and optimisation of our consumption as well as the modernisation of our production facilities. Energy-saving production facilities cut energy consumption, safeguard our shared natural resources and reduce both our costs and yours.

As the most innovative supplier in the field of polyurethane timing belt technology, we now offer all companies, particularly those who have firmly embraced sustainability as part of their policy, timing belts made of polyurethane that is produced from renewable raw materials. Even with a renewable raw material content of 37%, this material is equal in strength and resilience to that of a comparable, petrol-based thermoplastic polyurethane.

In 2011 BRECO was awarded the distinction ÖKOPROFIT-Betrieb (ECOPROFIT organisation) of Minden-Lübbecke.

For further information about the BRECOgreen product range please contact our distribution partner.

BRECObasic® -Simple. Good. Reliable. - September 2012


The grey product version

The range of products offered by BRECO under the banner of the "BRECObasic®" brand is an inexpensive alternative for simple applications that require less than the full potential strength of standard-type BRECO® timing belts. The range is designed for applications that do not come with special demands relating e.g. to restricted tolerances, particular durability/ resilience requirements or further processing options for the timing belts.

BRECO®-fixClamping elements - July 2012


The new generation

The BRECO®-fix clamping elements are used in linear systems. Clamp connectors and clamp plates optimally adapted to our timing belts are available for diverse areas of application. Both elements are used to fasten the belt ends on the machine frame or on the moving unit.

While the clamp connectors only enable simple fastening of the belt ends, the clamp plate can also be used for setting the pretensioning force via a clamping unit. The different variants A, B, and C specially optimised to the load are available to the user within a complete clamp plate system for the individual belt types and belt widths. The different variants and subcategories ensure absolute clamping reliability together with optimum handling and assembly thanks to their design. Providing a complete system comprising base plate, if necessary toothed insert, upper plate, clamping unit and standard part accessories spars the user awkward assembly and coordination of the individual parts. In addition, using the toothed inserts made from high-strength polyamide in the clamp plates of variant B allows production costs to be optimised. This results in a system with a very good price-performance ratio overall.

BRECOprotect® -Corrosion-resistant. FDA-compliant. Blue. - May 2012


The blue BRECO timing belts.

BRECOprotect® timing belts represent timing belts with tension members fully embedded in polyurethane. The selection of the material for the timing belt fulfills FDA conformity. The blue colour consequently meets the current requirement of the foodstuff industry.
BRECOprotect® product range: AT10, AT15 and T10

The polyurethane used meets the conformity criteria of the FDA regulations CFR § 177.1680, the European directives (EC) 1935-2004, 2002/72/EU, as well as the EC directives 90/128/CEE und 96/11/CE.

For further information, please contact your sales partner.

Beware of Counterfeits! - November 2011


Quality cannot be copied!

BRECO has been informed that, despite patent protection, a Chinese manufacturer has been producing ATN type polyurethane timing belts with counterfeit BRECO logos imprinted on the tooth side and exporting these imitations to Europe.

Luckily, quality cannot be copied, only comprehended.

We are warning our customers not to use these imitations.

These are belts of inferior quality, which do not even come close to meeting our quality standards.

Though these imitations are difficult to distinguish from the original at first glance, the tension members and polyurethane are of poor quality and the ATN pockets do not have the same dimensions as ours, so that problem-free operation and long service life are not guaranteed. If you did not purchase your ATN timing belts directly from one of our authorized sales partners, please verify your purchase source and contact us immediately should there be any doubts about the authenticity of the product.

It cannot be ruled out that other timing belt types with our BRECO logo have also been counterfeited. For this reason, we expressly warn against purchases of alleged BRECO products from Asian countries.

We will use every means at our disposal to put a stop to this misuse and hope for your continued full confidence in our products.

BRECO Antriebstechnik
Breher GmbH & Co. KG

BRECO TSM alpha 1 - November 2010


Measuring device

Pretension is one of the few parameters the user of timing belt transmissions has to set. Pre-tension is intended to guarantee a minimum tensioning force at the slack span side to ensure smooth tooth meshing into the driven pulley.

As such, it considerably influences the operating behaviour and the longevity of the entire drive.

The new fully electronic span measuring device BRECO TSM alpha 1 allows the reliable checking of the set pre-tension force of the timing belt transmission.

The Advantages at a glance:

  • easy-handling
  • contactless measurement with one-sided belt touch
  • measuring on all belt types including all different types of tension members, e.g. steel, kevlar, glasfiber
  • reliable measuring results that are highly reproducible
  • connection for external sensor for measuring hard-accessible parts
  • an LCD indicating how full the battery is
  • optical and acoustical indication necessitating a change of battery

Keeping things moving. - June 2008


BRECO's new positioning heads into the future.

Our objective to convince our customers with the most extensive offer of polyurethane timing belts in the market for all possible applications will keep our partners and ourselves constantly on the move. Be it for simple standard applications or for individually adapted product solutions, we want to be your contact partner worthy of your trust.

The goal of our internet presentation is to convey what the name BRECO implies: a company permanently in motion that is market oriented, grows with new tasks, responds flexibly and surprises with innovative ideas.

To put it in a nutshell: Keeping things moving